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Tools of the Game

Golf discs are designed for varying golf shots and distances. Smaller in diameter than conventional Frisbees ®, golf discs are designed for throwing and not for catching.

The target is known as the 'basket' or sometimes the Pole Hole®. Sinking a disc in the basket rewards the player with a resounding ‘CHING’!

The tee pad is generally a concrete or rubber mat surface which provides a safe throwing area at the start of a hole.

Golf discs come in many styles, aerodynamics, plastics, and weights. They can be placed into three groups based on typical use on the golf course: putting, approaching, and driving discs. Putters are for throwing short distances, usually under 200 feet. Approach discs are for throwing in the middle range, which is typcially between 150 and 300 feet. Drivers are used for the greatest distances, typically over 275 feet and some experts can throw drivers upwards of 600 feet.


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